Aluminium Stair Treads

Why use Altreads:

Aluminium Stair Treads are the ideal solution for Steps and Stairways in Australian conditions.

An attractive solution that won’t rot, rust, warp, shrink or require repainting.

Designed to a load rating of over 450kg’s.

Easily fixed to stringers with 10mm hexagonal head bolts, nuts and washers which are supplied with all stair treads.

The spacing of the bolts between the stringers is 150mm. A slotted grove means that the width between the stringers can be adjusted to suit.

Dimensions of the product are 250mm wide x 38mm high which are cut to the length you require for replacements or new installations. Our stair treads meet all of the relevant Building Code requirements in Australia.

Altreads –  a  step  above  the  rest

AlTreads - 001

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